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Undercover policing (consultation)

The College of Policing and National Undercover Working Group have developed revised Authorised Professional Practice (APP) on undercover policing which was open for consultation from 29 June to 10 August 2016. We are now analysing the feedback.

This consultation is now closed. Click here for a copy of the consultation draft.

This consultation on undercover policing APP is the first time guidance on this covert and sensitive area has been made public. Most of the content is now available for the public to view and comment on. A small amount of operationally sensitive content has been redacted where, if it were made available to the public, it would seriously detract from operational effectiveness and potentially cause harm to others.

In publishing this APP, the College and National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) wish to be as open as possible about the regulations and guidance that control and support the use of this tactic. The College and NPCC wish to reassure the public that there are strict rules and guidance in place which are intended to make sure that the tactic is used only when the level of intrusion required is necessary, legal and proportionate. They are also there to make sure undercover deployments are accountable through processes in the police and to external regulatory bodies.

This APP sets out the law, codes, guidance and advice that apply to undercover policing. Readers are able to access documents to which the APP refers through hyperlinks. The aim is to provide officers and staff working in undercover policing a single place where they can find all relevant material that applies to the use of this tactic.

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