Public order

Crowd management is the focus of policing large-scale national and regional events, and routine local community events. It includes the policing of planned and spontaneous public events (such as protest and football) and the policing of any events or trigger incidents which result in, or may result in, public disorder.

Public order APP is aimed at those involved in planning and commanding operations. It provides a framework for managing operations and deploying resources at a national, regional or local level.

The content should be considered in conjunction with other APP, eg, on operations and on decision making. This APP is also linked to the National Police Public Order Training Curriculum, the Event Policing NPCC Operational Advice and JESIP Joint Doctrine.

The content is not exhaustive or restrictive and does not preclude the innovative use of strategies and tactics which are lawful, comply with human rights and have been adequately risk assessed. Similarly, it does not provide guidance for event organisation or management.

Please note that this APP applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Content relating to Police Scotland is currently being reviewed.

A full index of the content of Public order APP is available.

Public order APP consolidates information from a number of decommissioned documents. For a full list of titles click here.