Policing elections

Electoral malpractice is rare but can attract considerable media attention and undermine public confidence in the electoral process. Public confidence can also be affected by the perception that an initial response to allegations or complaints of electoral malpractice is ineffective.

APP on policing elections is designed to support police officers and, in particular, force election single points of contact (SPOCs), who are required to contribute to planning the police response to elections and prevent and detect electoral malpractice. The content will assist their work with electoral registration officers, returning officers and counting officers to minimise the potential for malpractice in the electoral process.

APP on policing elections will also alert forces to issues that may arise in the run-up to polling day, on polling day itself and at related events. The content also provides guidance on factors to consider when carrying out a threat assessment.

APP on policing elections applies to police forces in England and Wales only. Relevant guidance for Police Scotland is available here.

Associated reference materialĀ is available here.

A full index of the content of Policing elections APP is available.

A Welsh language version of the APP and associated reference material has been produced by the Electoral Commission.