Major investigation and public protection

Stalking or harassment

The police service receives many calls relating to stalking or harassment, cases are diverse, some can be complex to deal with and there are some where the perpetrators pose a real threat of harm to victims. There is a need to develop a proportionate response, focussing resources on those cases that require them.

It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between stalking or harassment (the law does not define stalking) to determine the appropriate response. This advice seeks to support first responders to make effective, risk based decisions. 

No framework or assessment approach is going to be one hundred percent accurate but this advice, developed in consultation with our specialist partners and police practitioners, is intended to help responders to investigate effectively, identify and understand risk and respond appropriately:


Stalking Protection Orders

Supporting material

The documents listed above override any advice contained within ACPO (2009) Practice Advice on Investigating Stalking and Harassment and College of Policing (2013) Briefing Note for Amendments to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 relating to the initial police response.

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