Major investigation and public protection

Operation Hydrant

Operation Hydrant is coordinating multiple non-recent child sexual abuse investigations around the country. Relevant investigations are those which involve either people of public prominence and/or abuse which has taken place in an institution. In most cases the victims are reporting abuse which took place when they were children.

The College of Policing has developed SIO advice to support forces running such investigations. The advice replaces the previous consolidated document launched at the Operation Hydrant Conference on 26th November 2015. It also replaces the briefing notes that were developed and released on a phased basis earlier in 2015.

The advice is available here (this link is available to authorised users who are logged on to the Knowledge Hub and who are members of the Operation Hydrant community).

The Operation Hydrant Knowledge Hub provides a platform for practitioners to highlight investigative areas presenting specific challenge and allows learning to be captured as it arises.

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