Major investigation and public protection

Key responsibilities

Where a person is reporting an offence of modern slavery, or the person making first contact suspects that an adult or child may be a victim or witness to such an offence, the key responsibilities below should be fulfilled. These are intended to make sure that the potential victim receives the appropriate level of service and support by setting out the priority areas of focus for each person involved in an investigation.


Table giving information under the headings: Dealing with all victims or potential victims; Addition considerations for dealing with child victims or potential child victims.


Table giving information under the headings: Call handler, Person making initial contact, including station reception staff; Investigator; Line manager/duty officer.

National occupational standards

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has developed national occupational standards for workers who may be in contact with potential victims of modern slavery during the course of their daily duties. There are standards to:

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