An investigation should be a rigorous search for material to bring an offender to justice. This area of APP provides guidance on the key roles and principles which are based on the collective experience of the police service and literature on the process of criminal investigation.

It applies to all levels of criminal investigation, from volume to major, and includes both reactive and proactive investigations. It supports the professionalising investigation programme (PIP) and provides an outline of the skills that investigators require at levels 1 to 3.

National support for law enforcement agencies

Call the NCA Specialist Operations Centre on 0845 000 5463 and speak with an officer for:

  • advice on utilising external experts in your investigation
  • advice and support regarding major crime investigation
  • access to the deployable Crime Operational Support Teams, consisting of:
    • SIO regional advisers and crime investigative support officers
    • behavioural investigative advisers and geographic profilers
    • national search, family liaison, interview and forensic advisers.

A full index of the content of Investigation APP is available.

Investigation APP consolidates information from a number of decommissioned documents. For a full list of titles click here.