Digital intelligence and investigation


For learning about digital intelligence and investigation, please see the digital policing learning programme. This learning programme will help explain the use and misuse of devices, software and apps and how they feature in the policing landscape. It is appropriate for new recruits as well as experienced officers and staff who wish to update their knowledge.

The programme’s aim is to ensure that all staff are:

  • confident facing situations where there is a digital element
  • competent in identifying and carrying out the actions required by those circumstances
  • able to ensure they are compliant in their actions.

Level 1 includes an introduction to the criminal use of technology and devices, the involvement and use of social media and the opportunities of the internet in relation to intelligence and investigations. The learning also considers officer safety implications and the concept of digital hygiene.

The programme is made up of eight required and four optional bite-sized modules, hosted on the College’s learning environment.


The College Digital Intelligence and Investigation project – developing resources to help policing respond to crime with a digital element.

The Digital Intelligence and Investigation project will deliver learning and knowledge resources that will ensure that all new and serving officers acquire the digital skills they need to undertake investigations effectively.  The project has been funded until March 2021.

A key project focus is to deliver, operationally focused, learning episodes that will help everyone in policing, including those new to the organisation, to help develop understanding and responses to crimes with a digital element.

Further information about the project can be found on the DII project page here.

To contact the project team and or find out more information please email: