Civil emergencies

Partnership roles and responsibilities

The casualty bureau (CB) must work closely with hospital documentation teams, the major incident room and the joint intelligence group.

Major incident room

It is important that cross-searching and data exchange is evident between the major incident room (MIR) and the CB.

The MIR’s main CB interfacing tasks include receiving:

  • confirmed outstanding misper information
  • outstanding unidentified casualties
  • potentially identified casualties
  • potential witness – survivor/evacuee – lists
  • reconciled and closed misper files.

Joint intelligence group

The senior investigating officer (SIO) and the joint intelligence group (JIG) agree the way in which information is to be accessed, assessed and actioned. Close liaison between the SIO, senior identification manager, JIG and gold is crucial to the management of information and any actions arising.

It is good practice to establish a system whereby all information received directly into the CB is copied to the JIG without delay. This allows the JIG to control the management of actions that the enquiry teams are engaged in, and avoids duplication of effort or possible compromise.

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