Civil emergencies

Casualty bureau IT systems

Various IT systems are used in the casualty bureau (CB).

National mutual aid telephony

The CB manager is responsible for arranging the activation and closure of national mutual aid telephony (NMAT2).


Webview collects the statistical information for the incident and provides real-time data on a range of queries. This enables the CB manager to calculate the resources required to meet call demand.

The system identifies:

  • which force the call was directed to
  • partial telephone numbers of callers (the force has to make a formal request to Vodafone to obtain the full number)
  • success rate
  • number of times the caller received the engaged tone
  • time spent queuing.

Access to Webview is via a username and password, already allocated to forces. Licensing restrictions permit three copies of Webview to be opened per host force and one copy per mutual aid force.


The host force CB manager is responsible for ensuring that HOLMES CB has been activated and is ready to go live prior to the release of the public telephone number.

Each force is responsible for ensuring that system software and hardware is maintained, up to date and always in a state of readiness for activation. Most forces have a HOLMES support team to undertake this function. Where this is not the case, a dedicated systems support manager should be appointed.

Systems support manager

Responsibilities include:

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