Armed policing

National Police Firearms Training Curriculum

The National Police Firearms Training Curriculum (NPFTC) is a programme of nationally accredited firearms training. The curriculum has been developed within a framework of integrated modules and units that together represent a whole programme.

The NPFTC provides:

  • a framework for continuous professional development
  • consistency and standardisation across the range of training activities
  • standardised national procedures and terminology for police use of firearms and related activities
  • a vehicle for the promulgation of good practice in response to lessons learnt
  • the basis for a professional register of practitioners and managers
  • a basis for the development of national, regional and local role profiles (in accordance with the ‘Direction on the compilation of armed policing strategic threat and risk assessments (APSTRAs)’ 2019.
Note: access to the National Police Firearms Training Curriculum is restricted to authorised members of the police service.

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