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Armed policing

Legislation, weapons and equipment, command and deployment.

Last modified: September 2021

Civil emergencies

Civil contingencies and disaster victim identification.

Last modified: July 2021

Covert policing

Guidance on covert-related activity including undercover.

Last modified: March 2021

Critical incident management

Managing critical incidents and restoring public confidence.

Last modified: January 2021

Detention and custody

Arrest and detention, use of force, detainee care, including children and young persons, risk assessment and buildings and facilities.

Last modified: September 2021

Digital intelligence and investigation

In the absence of APP, access is provided to the latest training modules.

Last modified: August 2020

Engagement and communication

Guidance on engaging with the community, communication platforms and relations with the media.

Last modified: July 2021

Extraction of material from digital devices

Guidance and briefing on extracting material from digital devices.

Last modified: May 2021

Information management

MoPI, data protection, information assurance, freedom of information.

Last modified: August 2021

Intelligence management

Process, tasking and coordination, intelligence products and analysis.

Last modified: January 2020


The process, interviewing, strategies and International investigations.

Last modified: June 2021

Major investigation and public protection

Responding to public protection and major investigation issues, eg, child abuse, child sexual exploitation and firearms licensing.

Last modified: September 2021

Mental health

Responding to incidents involving people experiencing mental illness and learning disabilities. Mental health law, mental capacity, recognising vulnerability, AWOL patients, safe and well checks.

Last modified:August 2021


Principles, landscape, planning, preparing and responding.

Last modified: March 2019

National Decision Model

The model and recording and reviewing decision making.

Last modified: December 2014


Command and control structures, interoperability, planning and review.
Last modified: January 2020

Policing elections

Policing elections, preventing and investigating electoral malpractice.

Last modified: March 2021

Post-incident procedures following death or serious injury

Guidance on investigation and welfare procedures for death or serious injury following police contact.

Last modified: October 2020

Professional standards

Governance, vetting, complaints and misconduct and counter-corruption.

Last modified: March 2021

Prosecution and case management

Charging and case preparation, trial, justice, offender management and victim and witness care.

Last modified: April 2021

Public order

Legislation, command, planning and deployment, tactical options, football.

Last modified: April 2021


Ten principles related to taking and reviewing risk.

Last modified: September 2018

Road policing

Managing incidents, pursuits and investigating road deaths.

Last modified: February 2021

Stop and search

Definition of a fair and effective stop and search encounter, how and why stop and search encounters should be fair, legal, professional and transparent.

Last modified: July 2020

First published: 23 October 2013 Last modified: 4 November 2015