Guideline committee

Supporting officers and staff in managing conflict without force

When responding to incidents, the police have a duty to deal with the physical threat posed to them and the public regardless of who that threat comes from.

The guidance will cover managing violence and aggression during routine incidents and planned operations in the community. It will not include acts of violence and aggression during large-scale public order situations. It will:

  • focus on what is known about resolving interpersonal conflict situations without using force
  • cover techniques and tactics to de-escalate and ‘slow down’ situations, reducing the need to use force.

The overarching questions the guidance will seek to address are:

  1. What makes it more or less likely that an officer/staff member will resolve a potential conflict situation without relying on force?
  2. What is effective in minimising the need to use force in conflict situations?
  3. What increases or decreases the likelihood that a conflict situation will result in the use of force?

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