Guideline committee

The College of Policing also develop guidance using guideline committees. The key elements of this approach include:

  • working collaboratively with the service using independent, unbiased committees of specialist and generalist practitioners, subject matter experts from academia and partner agencies and the third sector
  • ensuring APP is based on the best available evidence by carrying out systematic reviews of the evidence required to underpin the scope
  • supplementing these reviews with unbiased consensus of expert opinion (systematically elicited)
  • producing APP that is formed of a series of recommendations for practice underpinned by supporting evidence.

The guideline committee (GC) group is an independent advisory group that considers the evidence and develops the guideline recommendations, taking into account the views of stakeholders. The GC is made up of a number of standing members including a chair, frontline practitioners and subject matter experts. Specifically, the guideline committee:

  • develops review questions from primary issues in the scope
  • supports the College with identifying best practice in areas where research evidence is absent, weak or equivocal
  • outlines opportunities and challenges that may be faced in implementing College guidelines
  • identifies recommendations that might require additional implementation efforts at a local level.

This approach was adopted by the College in 2016. The guidelines produced using this approach, as well as guidelines in progress, can be found here.