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Modules:Prosecution and case management
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Charging and case preparation

Prosecution and case management

The prosecution process generally begins from the point when a crime is reported to the police. Evidence is then gathered to establish what actually happened and who was involved, and statements are taken from witnesses to support the evidence. Following evidence-gathering, the two key stages prior to the first hearing are the decision to charge and the […]

Victim and witness care

Prosecution and case management

This section of APP describes the importance of the police role in supporting victims and witnesses throughout the criminal justice process. Victims and witnesses are entitled to rights and support but are unlikely to be familiar with the processes and agencies involved. There are several arrangements documents in place to guide and protect victims, and […]

Reference material

Prosecution and case management

Linked reference material for APP on prosecution and case management. ACPO (2010) Guidance on Protecting the Public: Managing Sexual Offenders and Violent Offenders, second edition, version 2 ACPO (2011) Restorative Justice Guidance and Minimum Standards ACPO (2012) Guidance on the use of Community Resolutions (CR) Incorporating Restorative Justice (RJ) Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse information […]

Hearing and trial management

Prosecution and case management

This is the stage where prosecutors and the courts system hold the offender(s) on trial, manage the experiences of the victim(s) and witness(es) in the courts, and where a verdict is passed with opportunity for appeal. This module describes the relationship between police and Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) and broadly describes the […]

Enforcing sentences and managing offenders

Prosecution and case management

Police officers may assist in enforcing the sentences given to offenders, managing their experiences of the criminal justice system following non-custodial sentencing, and preventing further crime being committed by existing and potential offenders. Enforcement is supported by a number of key national organisations which assist the police service, and offender management is strengthened by the integrated offender […]

Possible justice outcomes following investigation

Prosecution and case management

This section describes the tools and processes available to policing, and how we work with relevant partners or agencies. It sets out a range of disposals available to the police  to deal with offenders and secure an effective justice outcome. These are designed to provide an alternative outcome to the formal justice system. Further investigation […]

Prosecution and case management index

Charging and case preparation 1 Decision to charge 2 Referral to the CPS for pre-charge advice 2.1 Charging process 2.1.1 Police charge cases 2.1.2 Charging of youths 2.2 Full Code Test 2.2.1 Evidential stage 2.2.2 Public interest stage 2.3 Threshold Test 2.4 CPS advice 2.4.1 Pre-charge referral to the CPS 2.5 Summonsing 2.6 Postal requisitions […]

Prosecution and case management

Charging and case preparation, trial, justice, offender management and victim and witness care.

Last modified: December 2021