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Professional standards

The College of Policing has worked with the NPCC, Home Office and other key stakeholders to revise authorised professional practice (APP). APP on Vetting March (2021) is hosted as a guidance document on the National Police Library which allows for a specific numbered format. The APP is designed to support the Code of Practice for Vetting (2017). […]

Complaints and misconduct

Professional standards

The College has worked with stakeholders, subject matter experts and partner agencies to develop Guidance on outcomes in police misconduct proceedings. The guidance is designed to ensure consistency and transparency in assessing conduct and imposing outcomes at the conclusion of police misconduct proceedings.

Professional standards index

Counter corruption Communication and engagement 1 Continuum of the investigation 2 Strategic considerations 2.1 Managing risk 2.2 Operational security requirements 2.2.1 Compromise 2.2.2 Information sharing 2.2.3 Minimising disclosure 2.3 Assessing harm and impact 3 Community impact assessment 3.1 Measuring the impact 3.2 Commissioning a community impact assessment 3.3 Reviewing a community impact assessment 4 Internal […]


Professional standards

The importance of professional standards within law enforcement means that senior leadership must take responsibility for ensuring that there is capability to address critical professional standards issues. This is specifically in relation to the proper structures, resources, assessments, monitoring, reporting and learning. Critical professional standards issues These arise from an act or omission by police […]

Communication and engagement

Professional standards

Communication and engagement plans can be used to manage the risks to public confidence following a counter-corruption investigation. They are also required for identifying and prosecuting corrupt activity within law enforcement agencies (LEAs). Investigators should ensure that they identify potential issues and develop effective internal and external community impact assessments (CIA) and communication plans. The extent to which […]

Counter corruption

Professional standards

While it is clear that the overwhelming majority of police staff are committed and professional, and that corruption is in no way endemic in the police service, there is a small but pernicious element whose corrupt actions have a negative effect on public confidence. APP on counter corruption seeks to assist practitioners to address the […]

Professional standards

Governance, vetting, complaints and misconduct and counter-corruption.

Last modified: March 2021