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Key roles and planning

Policing elections

Thorough electoral planning reduces the potential for the intimidation of candidates/campaigners and electoral malpractice. It also enhances the ability for the police service to respond to allegations should they arise. This section highlights the key roles for the police service and other agencies, who need to work together to ensure an effective police response to […]

Reference material

Policing elections

Reference material for APP on policing elections: Chief executive/Chief Constable template letter for candidates, agents and campaigners to agree to abide by the national code of conduct College of Policing (2014) Code of Ethics Criminal Law Act 1977 Department for Communities and Local Government (2011) A Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity Electoral […]

Policing elections

Policing elections, preventing and investigating electoral malpractice.

Last modified: March 2021

Investigating electoral malpractice

Policing elections

Key principles All investigations should follow the process of investigation and initial investigation factors must be duly considered. Key principles for investigating electoral malpractice: all allegations related to elections should be brought to the attention of the force election SPOC for consideration and direction allegations are prioritised appropriately and within an acceptable timescale by the […]

Core principles and legislation

Policing elections

Core principles There are six core principles which underpin successful policing of elections. 1.¬†¬†Public confidence in the electoral process police need to be proactive and positively engaged with partners throughout the electoral process public perceptions that the initial police response to allegations or complaints is ineffective can impact on public confidence. 2. Prevention is better […]

Policing elections index

Core principles and legislation 1 Core principles 2 Legal framework 2.1 Table of relevant RPA 1983 offences 2.2 Other relevant statutory and common law offences 2.2.1 Perjury Act 1911 2.2.2 Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 2.2.3 Common law 2.2.4 The Human Rights Act 1998 Key roles and planning 1 Key roles 1.1 Force election single […]