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Mental vulnerability and illness

Mental health

Early police recognition of the possible mental health problems, learning disabilities or suicidal intent of people they come into contact with is crucial to ensuring an appropriate and effective response. This is true whether the matter requires a criminal justice response, a social or healthcare response or a combined response. This section of guidance examines […]

Suicide and bereavement response

Mental health

This guidance has been produced to enhance the knowledge of officers and police staff on both suicide prevention and response. The purpose of this module is to support police forces and individual officers in offering crisis intervention to individuals who are at risk of suicide and respond professionally and effectively when suicide occurs. This guidance will also help officers to: understand […]

Mental health – detention

Mental health

This section provides information on the law that provides protections for people with mental ill health, vulnerabilities and disabilities in society. It focuses on the role of the police, the use of police powers under the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA 1983) and the relationship of those powers to multi-agency responses. MHA 1983 provides powers […]

Sources of help for those in need of mental and emotional support

Mental health

Sources of help for those in need of mental and emotional support A comprehensive support directory is available by downloading the Help is at Hand PDF. This resource is also available to first responders as a pocket sized ‘z card’. Note: All of the contact information provided on this page is correct at the time of […]

AWOL patients

Mental health

This page provides guidance on the police response to people with mental ill health or vulnerabilities who have been reported as absent from their home or a secure setting. Police forces should also be guided by: Missing persons APP chapter 28 of both the Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice (for England) and the Mental Health Act 1983 […]

Introduction and strategic considerations

Mental health

International and national legal frameworks All police responses to people with mental ill health, vulnerabilities and disabilities in society are governed by international and domestic legal frameworks. The United Kingdom is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (which covers physical and mental disability) and to the European […]

Mental health index

Introduction and strategic considerations 1 International and national legal frameworks 1.1 Mental health law 2 Equality 2.1 The Equality duty 2.1.1 Reasonable adjustments 2.2 Understanding the challenges 3 Definitions and terminology 3.1 Specific terminology 3.2 Terms that describe people 4 Strategic oversight and management 4.1 Mental health and policing 4.2 Responses by the most appropriate […]

Safe and well checks

Mental health

When conducting safe and well checks (also referred to as welfare checks) on people who are vulnerable, the police are required to locate people at risk of harm and seek to manage any safeguarding risks. Sometimes these risks arise from mental vulnerability. Police officers are required to establish a person’s location and ascertain whether the individual is alive, breathing and conscious (ABC). […]

Mental capacity

Mental health

Definition of mental capacity Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA), a person (aged 16 or older) lacks capacity in relation to a matter if, at the material time, they are unable to make a decision for themself in relation to the matter because of an impairment or disturbance in the functioning of the mind or […]

Mental health and the criminal justice system

Mental health

Police responses to allegations of criminal offences by or against vulnerable people should be governed by principles of equal access to justice. Responding to mentally vulnerable victims People with mental health issues and learning disabilities, because of their conditions, may be at greater risk of becoming victims of crime, especially those with severe mental illnesses (Victim support […]