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Media relations

Engagement and communication

Introduction A successful working relationship between the police service and the media is vital. Working with the media to communicate to the public can help solve crimes, bring offenders to justice and keep communities safe. It can also give the public insight into what the police are doing and why they are doing it. The […]

Police under investigation

Engagement and communication

Complaint If a public complaint is made against the police, corporate communications departments (CCDs) should confirm this and the nature of the complaint on an ‘if asked’ basis. An officer who is the subject of a complaint will not normally be identified by name. If the complaint refers to a specific individual or individuals, their […]


Engagement and communication

Effective communication shapes service delivery towards the needs of the public. The various ways the police communicate should be proportionate to the needs and requirements of the different communities they serve. Communication is broader than face-to-face interactions. It includes making information available about what the police do and how they do it. Technology provides various […]

Engagement and communication

Guidance on engaging with the community, communication platforms and relations with the media.

Last modified: July 2021


Engagement and communication

Without the cooperation of the public, policing in developed democracies would become essentially unworkable. In simple terms, the police service would cease to function without the active support of the communities it serves. Evidence has shown that effective community engagement, targeted foot patrols and collaborative problem solving can significantly increase public confidence in policing activity. By […]