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Phase 2 – managing critical incidents

Critical incident management

Management of a critical incident (CI) should start with early identification and notification. It is particularly important that small-scale CIs are identified early, as even these can have a long-term impact on community confidence if left unchecked. Processes should be in place to manage issues that may affect the quality of the police response before they can impact […]

Introduction and types of critical incidents

Critical incident management

A wide range of incidents or operations have the capability to become a critical incident, including anti-social behaviour or hate crime, pre-planned events or internal incidents. A critical incident (CI) is defined as: any incident where the effectiveness of the police response is likely to have a significant impact on the confidence of the victim, their […]

Linked reference material

Critical incident management

Linked reference material for APP on critical incident management. Joint Doctrine (JESIP) 2010-11 British Crime Survey Case study: The death of Mary Fox Case study: The murder of Aamir Siddiqi Characteristics of critical incidents College of Policing Foundations for senior leaders (FSL) College of Policing Leading powerful partnerships College of Policing Senior leadership development programme (SLP) […]

Phase 1 – preparing for critical incidents

Critical incident management

Chief officers may wish to consider current management structures to ensure that, where possible, staff are sufficiently trained and the necessary resources are available so that the overall quality of the police response reflects a competent and accountable standard of incident management. When managing an incident that has the potential to escalate into, or which […]

Phase 3 – restoring public confidence

Critical incident management

During a live critical incident (CI), it should be possible to identify the reason why public confidence has been lost and to implement a management plan to recover it. Once an incident has closed the opportunity to do so diminishes. Restoring public confidence involves dealing with the issues raised and being seen to deal with them in a prompt, equitable and […]

Critical incident management

Managing critical incidents and restoring public confidence.

Last modified: January 2021